Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pure Joy with Art-C, you can order today!!!!

I've had the pleasure I working with some of the Art-C projects for the last few months and I was thrilled to work with their CHA release of paints.  OH MY!!! if you love sparkle and pop you are going to adore their paints.  They have several new lines of paint that have come out including a thick chalk paint and a metallic paint writers, , a texture cream/paint that has beautiful sparkle and depth to it and then a fine sparkle paint that  gives you coverage like you wouldn't believe.  All of their paints are professional grade which means the pigment is strong and will give you great coverage with just s pinch.  All of these paints are a must have for the mixed media artist.  I even heard a little rumor you could get these early on
Create and Craft (Here's a link, if they aren't sold out) ....not to many products you can order now from a CHA release. 
I created this mixed media piece with multiple layers of their paints and stencils.  I even stamped on some tissue paper and added that in, you can really see it in the picture on the top right hand corner. 
The dimensional butterflies were created by die cutting out the image and then randomly stamping over them with some of the silver paint.  Then edging it with the aqua paints.  The paint really helped to give some stability to the paper butterflies, so then when they were layered up by three they have some great substance. 
I really wanted this piece to be one that highlighted Art-C's paints so I didn't add a lot of embellishments.  I think the textures, sparkle and patterns have enough going on to keep your eye searching and looking for new little bits. 
Be sure to stop by Art-C's booth at CHA and check out their new spectacular paint'll love it!!!