Friday, July 17, 2015

Make a Ribbon Topiary with May Arts Ribbon

 Who wouldn't love to create this whimsical centerpiece for that special occasion?  Just think, with the right ribbon from May Arts you could make beautiful baby shower displays, wedding reception table toppers or just one for your everyday home decor in coordinating colors.  The sky is the limit, and when you see how easy it is to create one of these ribbon topiaries you'll be making them for yourself and friends left and right. 

Here are the supplies that you'll need.  Lots of fun ribbon from May Arts ( a complete list of the ribbon I used can be found at the bottom of this post), a foam base and lots of straight pins. 
Using 1 1/2" wide ribbon, cut lengths of ribbon 4 1/2" long.   

You'll want to use a wide variety of color coordinated ribbon.  I've used some crochet ribbon, sheer ribbons and of course some great solids with and without patterns.  The more the merrier. 

Roll the 4 1/2" ribbon as shown above

Using two straight pins, one on each side, push down into the foam base.  Continue doing this all over the foam base mixing all the ribbons together.  If you have a spot that needs a little more, just stick another ribbon roll down in to make the ball nice and full. 

Once the balls are covered and you're ready to put in a pot, push down into the pot and then cover the top with tissue paper. 

Using wired ribbon, wrap the stem of the topiary and attach to the foam base with a straight pin. 

To add a bit more whimsy, take the wired ribbon and makes some curls, then place them at the base of each of the balls and also at the very top.  Fluff and arrange your ribbon as desired. 

Lastly I decored the pot with this adorable self adhesive May Arts ribbon.  I just felt it gave that nice finished touch and really made it look festive. 
Here is close up of the ribbons so you can see how mixed up they are and how cute they all go together. 

 Want to make this topiary?  Here is a complete list of May Arts Ribbon used:
2 yards of each


TracyM #6773 said...

DELIGHTFUL project and FABULOUS tutorial => GOOD LUCK Lori!!!

Linda Pekrul said...

This is so gosh darned CUTE! Congratulations on making the design team!