Friday, January 31, 2014

Washi Tape Flowers Tutorial

Hello everyone, I'm excited to share a super simple tutorial with you today making washi tape/ printed tape flowers.  They are so easy...... here are the supplies you'll need to gather.

Step 1: Fold over the printed tape so both sides have the pattern.

Step 2: Cut strips into a pill shape, rounding off the ends. 
Step 3: Ink the edges front and back of each petal

Step Four: pinch the centers together with tweezers for a crisp pinch.

Step Five: Twist where you have the pinch, but be careful not to rip your tape.  The pinch in the center actually helps the tape not to rip.

Step Six: Using glue does layer your petals up to create a flower.

Step Seven: Finish off your flower with either a paper bloom or even a sparklet. 

Here’s a completed card that I used the latest collection “ Art of Life “ which blended beautifully with the printed tape flowers. 

KaiserCraft supplies used: P1405 Printed Tape, F666 Black Paper Blooms, F661 Mini Black Paper Blooms, P1407 Loved,  Foam Tape

Other Products Used: glue dots, ink, card stock, tweezers


Gina Brandstetter said...

Wow! Another fun washi technique I will have to try!! Thank you for sharing!!