Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where have you been? Who Me?

I did so well through the holidays having my post scheduled and then holiday, OH NO!!!!!  With getting back into the schedule somehow I overlooked my darn blog.  Today I was looking and thought oh no where have I been?  I haven't posted since the end of December.  Not a good thing, that's for sure.

Now don't worry I have been hard at work on design team work for CHA and upcoming posts, so there is plenty in the works to inspire you 2013 style.

This is a step card I created for KaiserCraft.  I love, love, I mean love this collection.  Tropicana.  Did I mention that I love it!!!  It screams 1940's holidays to me for some reason.  Kaiser is always so great at that vintage feel.

Please stay tuned because Saturday I have some Rockin cards to share with don't forget to come back and take a peek.  Happy New Year and I look forward to living it up in Blog land with you!


Adriana B said...

awesome card, and welcome back, hope you had a nice break :)

Sheena said...

Beautiful card! I love all the detail. The holidays kept me away from the blogging world, it feels good to be back.

Hugs, Sheena