Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Boopie!

So I know you're asking who the heck is Boopie? Well that is my sweet mother's nickname, in fact she named herself that when she was a little girl. Actually both my parents have nicknames that we call them, but my Daddy is another story. Boopie is the most wonderful woman you can imagine, very kind and loving and for sure my greatest role model. I'm so blessed that God gave me her for a mother.

Well, today is her birthday. When she was a little girl she thought all the fireworks and festivities were in celebration of her...of course they were. This year she insisted that no one get her any gifts and in fact she's having the party at her house, not letting anyone else bring a single dish or do anything to help. She just keeps saying " It a Fourth of July party, not my birthday". There is no way in heck I would grace her doors without having thought of her somehow, so I made this album to give her. It holds the greatest loves of her life, my Daddy being the ultimate, my sister and I and her grandsons. I hope she'll cherish it for a long time, I know I certainly cherish her.


Sheena said...

So pretty!..What a great album. Hope you and your family had a Great 4th :)

Hugs, Sheena