Saturday, July 17, 2010

#4 Things I Loved & Learned - CTMH Convention - The Butterfly Effect

Convention is wonderful for seeing new products, being inspired by others, and having a true blast. But actually, there is so much more that is offered than just what you might think. They really offer excellent training for running your business and taking it up the next notch.

I was really excited to be able to attend leadership training prior to convention and of course all the business classes offered during the convention itself. The Butterfly Effect was actually presented in one of our general session by Kristine Widfeldt (Marketing Vice President for CTMH). . I'll be honest I'd never heard of The Butterfly Effect...not sure how I missed that one. Anyhooo, just in case you don't know the Butterfly Effect is the theory that shows the smallest action spreads wider and wider and can cause a HUGE reaction. The flutter of a butterflies wing leads to something much greater. Kristine pointed out that making one small change in how we ran our business could end up having big results. This whole concept really struck me. I have all the big dreams and want to do everything, all at once, right now, LOL. However this was profound to me in that I could do one little thing different and watch to see the wide results. Granted this was intended for my Close To My Heart business but it certainly would apply to anything that you do. I found this inspiring and encouraging to me that I CANmake a difference. I hope that you will challenge yourself with a small butterfly flutter...maybe it will be do one layout a week, so you end up having a completed album in no time, or perhaps it will be walking 30 minutes in the evening so that is a few months you see those extra pounds shed off, or maybe it's get up 20 minutes early every morning and read that daily devotional. Whatever your goals are make a plan today to make one small change and see the Butterfly Effect in in your future.