Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Month Of Miracles! Real Ones!

This seems to be a theme for me this month. With Close To My Heart releasing their awesome kit for National Scrapbooking Month called Miracle, I've had several posts with artwork from that kit and it's a great kit...but I have a REAL MIRACLE!

I hope everyone will help me wish my sweet little boy Will HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today is his 9th birthday and that and everyday I have with my special boy is a real miracle.
Will has a neurological condition called Lissencephaly. He can't walk or talk and he battles seizures daily. Doctors had told us he was going to die at 6 months and statistics tell us children with Lissencephaly don't live past age 2....but MIRACLES DO EXIST! Today Will is nine and he is such a HUGE BLESSING to all of us. He has given his little brother a miracle gift of compassion, he has given his father and I the miracle of unconditional love, he has given my mother the miracle gift of purpose and he truly touches everyone that knows him....WHAT A MIRACLE. I usually don't post that many personal posts but I wanted so much to celebrate and shout for joy the Miracle that I have in my son Will.

I'd love to hear what's a Miracle in your life....Treasure each and every day.

Hugs, Lori


Kimberly said...


Your son is a very beautiful little miracle! Thank you for posting about him and sharing your miracle with me.
I try to keep in mind that each day we have is a miracle. I lost my mother to cancer when I was 18 and each day without her is a miracle because I thought my world would end when her life did. That has been 14 years ago and through the miracle of each day I go on and have a beautiful family to enjoy life with.
Tell Will I say Hello!!

Kimberly (KimR)

Clisi96 said...

Happy Birthday Will! Hope you enjoy many more of wonderful years!


Noelle Reese said...

WOW! He sure us a miracle! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL! You have such beautiful eyes and a great smile!
My miracle is our youngest Carlee she is a Little Person and has not had even one issue other than being short! We thank GOD for her every day!

FitterTwit said...

Wow... I'm speechless Lori. Your post made me cry. Thank you for sharing it. You really do have a lot to celebrate!

Sheena said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear son Will!!! I hope he has a great 9th birthday :)

Hugs, Sheena

Carla said...

What a beautiful post Lori!!
Wishing your son a very happy 9th birthday and many many more!!!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to your precious one! You know he has my heart--right at 'Hello". Love is a gift given to be enjoyed each minute! You are blessed for sure!

Dayna Remmel Latham said...

Happy Belated Birthday Will!!

I think you forgot to mention what an amazing Miracle you are. I have not met a more kind, sweet and generous person. Will has been blessed with you as his Miracle. May you experience many more years of love with your little Miracle.

My princess, Bree, is my little Miracle. Had you told me 10 years ago that I would have another child I would have thought you were nuts!! Now this little ray of sunshine has been the Miracle in all of our lives.

Get out and enjoy this MIRACLE weather.. at least it is here in MN.

Bram_fam said...

What a wonderful blessing! Happy birthday to your special little miracle! I truly enjoyed reading your story and it's stories like this that make the reason we scrapbook and work on our projects so meaningful. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story.

bernshwag said...


Thanks for sharing your beautiful miracle with us. Happy 9th birthday Will.

My miracle is my adopted son Michael, who shouldn't be walking or talking. He was born at 25-26 weeks gestation, stayed in the NICU for 4 months with too many problems to mention. He shouldn't of been walking or talking according to the MD's but by the grace of God he is and you would never know he ever had any problems!! He turned 15 in Feb. and he is my true miracle, but I rally need to mention his bith mom here cuz without her making the decision she did we wouldn't have our TRUE miracle.

Thanks for allowing me to share!