Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have told everyone for quite sometime that Close To My Heart's Cardstock does not do well in the Cricut. Well Saturday afternoon I started out on a mission to see if our cardstock would work in the Cricut and I found out I was wrong, it works GREAT. The reason I started this journey was because I had several customers who have used a certain color of cardstock from Stampin Up as thier flesh color and low and behold Stampin Up is discontining that particular I came up with a wonderful solution. Our TAFFY color I think is just perfect, has just a hint of pink blush to it so it's great for that fleshy skin tone. I also think that the PARCHMENT would work well. I did a comparison for you so you can decide which you prefer. This cutie little guy was cut using my Everyday Paper Doll cartridge..
Here are a few tips to help you when you use Close To My Heart card stock in your Cricut.
I had my depth of the blade on 4 and my pressure on Medium.
I didn't use a brand new mat, one with a little ware, so my card stock stuck but not to much
I also used the spatula to lift my images up off the mat once they were cut.
Do these few things really made it just perfect, no curling...just a flat, precious image. Be sure to go to my website to stock up on your TAFFY/ or PARCHMENT card stock.


Sheena said...

Cute Card :)
I used Sorbet on my Patrick-spongebob card..I think he is just the right color for him. It was the only color I had that even was close and I think it turned out great
here is a link to the Patrick card

I have used CTMH paper several time in my E..I love it.

Hugs, Sheena

Tanya said...

Lori.. you are a GOOBER... I use CTMH paper ALL THE TIME in my E...

Tamra Meservey said...

Thanks Lori I would've never thought of using Taffy. Would have probably gone with parchment or vanilla cream, but I really like the Taffy.

Valerie said...

I just LOVE your lil man! he's adorable! I totally agree the taffy works perfect for a skin color!