Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You caught me...I did color all day long

So my good friend Teresa knows me...and yes she was right, I continued to color all day long with all the snow on the ground. Yes, I had other things that really could and should have been done, but how fun is laundry or packing children's clothes...so I COLORED and CRAFTED and it's was so much more fun. I also took a few hours to watch a movie with the boys and then proceeded to fall asleep for a little nap. Anyhoo...on to the cards
I've discovered a new digi artist, Isabella's Sketchbook. Her images are so retro and they just have such a classic look to them. So knowing that I'll be sailing in just a few days, all my cards are beach themed. I didn't really even realize it, until I looked, DUH. Be sure to go check out Isabella's work and she also just started a group on Paper Craft Planet you can participate in.


Teresa said...

Ahh I want to go somewhere warmer!!! These are beautiful. Love the beach theme. Great coloring too!