Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CTMH Halloween Fun !

My sweet aunt's birthday is the week before Halloween, so I always throw her a big Halloween Birthday Party and that Party is coming up this weekend. My family is so funny, they really get into my theme parties. I fix a huge pot of chili and some creepy appetizers like a taco spider web dip or some spider eggs (nothing to scary, I do have a three year old). We play games like the pumpkin ring toss, pass the apple and scavenger hunts and let me tell you, you had better have prizes for my family, even though we are all adults and some of them cheat :). We have such a blast and I'll be sharing some of the party favors I've made for the party with you this week and maybe even some pictures of the party if you would like. Now onto the card, this is the invite I mailed out...late, but mailed to everyone. I should have taken a picture of the inside, as I stamped some bats and the invite said "Be there or die", it actually was really cute. I used the Tinkerin Paper Pack for this card and the Spellbound Stamp set and then enameled over the Boo and part of the crow and the tree...I wanted it to fade out so it's not solid on purpose. I loved the overall effect of the color combo and the stamping and I hope you enjoy it also. Stay tuned for more spooky treats and pictures this week.