Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Flock...How to Use it!

I had one of my customers get some of the fun flock but wanted some ideas on how exactly you use this product. For those of you that have never heard of fun flock let me describe it for you. Fun flock is white and it is almost a fine furry/fiber type product. It's great for adding a snowy touch to a scence or perhaps the fur on a kitten. Something where you want it to really have texture. I did this quick little card this evening using one of my new favorites from the current Fall/Winter Idea book, Ms. Holiday Cheer Stamp set. Once I had colored in my stamped image with markers and had her ready to adorn, I used liquid glass (another one of my favs) and applied to the brim of her hat and trim of her coat and then also did a series of dot around the card base. Once I had the liquid glass in place I sprinkled the fun flock over the wet adhesive and then tapped off, much as you would embossing powder or glitter. Be sure you reuse your left over so do your shaking over a craft tray. I allowed the liquid glass to dry and the end result was a snowball effect on the border and an adorable winter adorned girl! I'd love to see your creations using fun flock...remember to always think outside the box!


Anonymous said...

I love fun flock & liquid glass, too! That card is soooo cute. It would be a great invite for a holiday girl's night out. I will look for some of my L/O's with fun flock & post a link.

janetk said...

Lori- too cute! Thanks for the great instructions on using that..just another fun technique for me to try...I will emailing you soon..smiles! Janet


tooo cute!!