Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I want to introduce you to Lularoe

Have you heard about Lularoe?, seen posts or pictures on various social media sites...wondered what it is and what everybody is going wild about.?   I'm excited to tell you about it now.
LuLaRoe is a clothing company.   They aren't a brick and mortar store, so you won't be running to any mall to pick some up.  All LuLaRoe clothing is purchased through consultants either online through social media outlets (ex. Facebook and periscope, or through in home pop-up boutiques.  They offer a wide range of dresses, skirts, tops, vests, jackets and leggings.  In fact their leggings are referred to by many as buttery leggings...OMGosh they feel good. 

You might ask what makes Lularoe different?  It's their variety.  Each print is made into about 2,750 garments, divide that by the sizes that are carried (00-24) and then those handful of pieces are split up and sent out to thousands of  different consultants all across the country. 
           Graphic by Katie May Mooney
          Graphic by Katie May Mooney
This is one of the many reasons I've fallen in love with this company.  First you never have to worry about showing up for an event and having on the same outfit as someone else...it won't happen.  You'll always be unique.  The other thing that is amazing with how this works is you could shop with 100 different consultants and you'll always see different pieces of clothing.  Each consultant is as unique as the items themselves.  How amazing is that concept?

Great so you say that's nice but what else do they offer.  COMFORT!!!  Their clothing is so comfortable to wear and they offer various styles that are sure to flatter all body shapes.  They range from XXS all the way up to XXXL (0-24 size) , so there is something for everyone...and don't forget our men and kids...they offer lines of clothing for both of them too. 

As you can see this is one amazing and unique company, so how could I not have wanted to be a part of it.  Good news...My sister Gini and I have teamed up to bring you Lularoe.  How are we going to do that?  If you live local we would love to get together and have a pop up boutique for you.  You'll have fun trying on different styles and lines with your friends while you earn FREE clothes.  Not interested in holding an event , no worries you can join our FACEBOOK VIP SHOPPING GROUP and request to join.  We'll be hosting online events every week with new merchandise every time.  Oh but let me advise you if you see something you like in our group, grab it up quick as our sales will only be on for a very limited time and that piece of clothing that makes your heart skip a beat might just be someone else love too so you'll need to get it before it gone.  We'll also make sure to offer plenty of fun in our group with giveaways, special events and even a leggings club...We want to make sure you are totally spoiled in Lularoe. 

We also are growing our team so if you would love to find out more about joining our group and getting in on this booming company, Gini and I would love to chat with you and tell you just how wonderful this can be.  Feel free to either PM us on Facebook or email us LularoeLoriandGini@gmail.com

I hope I've help clear up what the heck Lularoe is and I can't wait to introduce you to the world of ROE.