Wednesday, May 11, 2016

All Time Favorite from Heartfelt Creations

I can't tell you how much I adore this collection.  I've talked about it in classes and events letting everyone know my favorite all time collection was going to be released in May...and now the day has come. 




Yum, yum, yummy!!!!  Let me paint a picture of the release for you
Take a walk along the edge of the deep blue sea, feel the warm sand between your toes and breathe in the salty air.  Balmy breezes tousle your hair and toy with the exotic hibiscus flower behind your ear as you stoop to snatch a lustrous seashell that has been swept onto the beach with the incoming tide. Cares and worries melt away because life really is better at the seaside.  The cool, crystal clear water lapping at the shoreline beckons you and you cannot resist the sudden urge to dive right in.  Before you know it you have been submerged into a magical underwater world where you find yourself settling on a jagged reef surrounded with burnished coral, glassy seashells and mystical sea creatures more beautiful than your imagination could ever conjure.  A peek behind the coral and waltzing seaweed finds you nose to nose with a school of fish gliding every so gently with their long, graceful flowing tails and glistening scales decorated with an abundance of shimmering and alluring colors.  Delicate sea horses and magnificent jelly fish dart and flit among the dancing aquatic plant life as to entertain you with a glorious underwater show being performed just for you.  Welcome to “Under the Sea”, the newest collection by Heartfelt Creations.  This water themed assembling of magnificent papers, stamps and dies will have you creating ravishing underwater scenes perfect for documenting your seaside vacations, ocean themed altered art pieces or salt water card creations.   The tranquil color palette of calming blues, greens and teals, paired with golden yellows, subtle shades of pinks, purples, corals and reds are sure to soothe your soul.  Creating projects with a tropical flair that will “make a splash” has been made simple with decorative papers boasting mesmerizing patterns of sea shells, florals, delicate swirls and alluring hibiscus blossoms.  The intricate, detailed stamp illustrations of underwater sea creatures, glistening seashells, and exotic hibiscus flowers are sublime for shaping and creating dimensional elements adding a realistic touch to any underwater themed paper craft design.  We invite you to take the plunge and come along with us on an underwater adventure as we explore Under the Sea!
Now hop over to Heartfelt Creations Blog and see for yourself the underwater journey that awaits. 

5 comments: said...

A simply stunning creation! said...

This is so gorgeous! Love the colors and the layering!

BeautifulMomentCards - Tracey Fehr said...

Simply magical, Lori! Love the all the color and the sparkle!

Maire Gamber said...

gorgeous underwater scene, Lori! I love the colors you select! I makes me want to be at the ocean now!

Hugs, Marie

Lizzie said...

WOW! Stunning!