Saturday, December 26, 2015

What's your journey? Grace and Heart

I've been so blessed to join into a brand new jewelry company that is going is taking the world by storm.  GRACE AND HEART.   I stumbled across a ring of theirs and was blown away by their designs and then the more I investigated the more passionate I became about their company and the jewelry.  Their designs really speak to me as they do for most, but everything about their company is amazing.  I'm sure you'd find a charm or trinket that would remind you of someone, a special event or stir your soul.  That's what this jewelry/company  is about.....your journey and sharing it with other. 

January is the perfect time for me to kick start the sharing as it's double hostess rewards.  Their jewelry is all sterling silver, real gem stones, and brass with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Not many companies will stand behide their products anymore with a lifetime warranty.  The best part is their low price points starting at just $29 it's affordable for everyone.  Contact me today to schedule your gathering or if you'd just like to see the quality work.  You can also order online with my website, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COLLECTION.  

So be a part of my journey and let it begin!!!!