Saturday, October 17, 2015

Angels, Angels Everywhere with Crafters Companion

I'm really having fun with Crafters Companion's Ultimate Tool.  It really is a tool that can do about, well ..... everything with!!!!  Need a pretty bow?...Ultimate Tool,  need to make a box?  Ultimate Tool,  need to create a one of a card three dimension card?  Ultimate Tool.  You'll find yourself leaving this tool out all the time to create with instead of just tucked on the shelf. 

I was able to create this wonderful shadow box card in no time.   I love the way it folds down and then pops up when taken out of the envelope.  AMAZING!!

If you don't have the Ultimate Tool be sure to either head over to HSN for a special edition glitter purple one, or pick up a standard one on the Crafters Companion website

2 comments: said...

I just received this die yesterday and will use it to make my own Christmas Cards I'm mailing. I've already been playing with mine and love it. It was wonderful to get to meet you yesterday at Sevierville! It felt like I had known you all my life and now I can say I met the great and wonderful "Lori"!

Memaw said...

I wish I could have gone to Sevierville this year but being able to see your beautiful work so inspires and teaches so much. I adore this card. Thank you for sharing.