Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Put a Bow On It with Ribbon Resource

Decorative pillows are the rage and they can really be expensive, so today I’ve got a great little tutorial to share with you that will have you a one of a kind decorative pillow for not a lot of $$$.  You can find all types of beautiful ribbon at The Ribbon Resource and get it in small amounts.....how exciting is that. 
Find a plain pillow, you pick the size.  I found one at target in the $3 bin that was canvas with gold polka dots.  It was perfect for this project.  Next  you’ll want to pick out your ribbon.  I suggest using a wide ribbon.  For this pillow I used a 3” wide Burlap ribbon that’s printed with gold. 
Work the pillow with your hand before you attach the ribbon.  You want to try to get the filler on the inside to move outwards. 

Next wrap your ribbon around your pillow, tuck in at the back and you can even tack it down with a needle and thread.  Then just fluff your pillow out and adjust your ribbon on the front. 
Here is a photo of the completed project to show you how cute it is finished.  I also made another one with some canvas polka dot ribbon that is super cute too.  The pair is adorable together. 
May Arts / Ribbon Resource Ribbons Used
Other Supplies Used: