Friday, October 18, 2013

Christmas Cheer Wall Plaque

Today's project is a wall plaque I created for KaiserCraft using the collection " Gingerbread".  I really loved the vintage feel of this paper collection.  It's more of an aqua green and radio flyer red that make this Christmas collection a bit different.  I loved working with it.

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you next week.......Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stencil Girl and Xyron are in the house

I must admit I'm one of those that stands back in awe at mixed media and for some reason just resist dipping my foot into that pool.  Well I dove right in with this project I created for Xyron's hop/swap with Stencil Girl Stencils.  I was pulling out paints, pastes, and all types of mediums left and right.  I might have gone a bit over board, but boy did I have fun.

This is a canvas journal I decorated.  The spinner, or as I see it rose from the Spinners 6 Stencil was applied on the book with some homemade paste and then inked.  I love the way it looks and honestly I wouldn't mind doing another book with just the roses on the top.  They have such a great Arts and Craft vibe, I adore them. 

The base was covered with a pretty napkin I had.  This is where my 5" Creative Station came in so handy.  I just pulled the plies of the napkins apart and then ran the top layer through my Station...I had a tissue sticker in no time.  Crinkling and wrinkling it onto my book gave some great base texture. 

I also ran my letters through my Create-a-Sticker and then used the napkin over the top to cover them.  The smaller letters were already sticky but honestly not enough that I would trust them to stay on , so I ran them through my Create-A-Sticker too, for extra measure. 

This was really fun and it inspired me to do more mixed media.  Granted there are some things I would change, but that's the whole part of exploring and growing with our craft. 

Be sure to check out Xyron's blog and see some more great projects using Stencil Girl Stencils...amazing!!!!

Spinners 6 Stencil, Xyron Creative Stations 5",  Xyron Creative Station 9" (for foam tape), 1.5" Create-a-sticker, DIY Xyron Foam Tape,

Monday, October 14, 2013

Forever Loved Layout

I must admit I miss the days of my children being so little.  Crawling wiggling on the ground but not yet able to walk...or those are such precious times.  One thing I know for sure is that my boys will be forever me.  Even now I have to stop myself every now and then and remind myself to cherish each and every moment with them.  It all goes by so fast and every moment is amazing.

This layout was created using Octobers release from KaiserCraft " Hidden Treasures ".  It has such a great palette of colors for little boys.  The layout was created for KaiserCraft's Saturday Sketch Challenges?  Do you every play along?  If not, you could win a collection of your choice.

Be sure to CLICK HERE to go to Kaiser's website and see all the details of the challenges.