Friday, January 25, 2013

Shape More Than Just Flowers

This card is entitled  "Shine your Light" and it's another beautiful card I created for Cheery Lynn and CHA.  You know I'm always trying to think of things outside the box a bit and that is exactly what I strived for with the mini doilies on this one.  They really have great dimension cupping them much like a flower.  Adds a really nice pop.  

I was able to create the Dogwoods with the new Build a Flower 3.  Honestly if you don't have all the build a flowers as of really have to get them.  They are amazing and the flowers you can create are almost limitless.  

Build a Flower 3 B264, Build a Flower 2 B187, Build a Flower 2 Embellishments B188 and Canadian Kaleidoscope Tiny Doily DL235

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes Simple is Good

Sometimes there are collections that really don't need a lot, a simple layout can really be a stunner.  This is from the Secret Admirer Collection from Kaisercraft.  The paper is beautiful as you can see so I just added a few rub ons, collectables and flowers and it was done. 

I love this picture of my little Cole and me, he's such a giggle monster and this pictured captured just that.  Love it! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Re-purposed Wine Bottle

I had to get a bit tickled at my repurposed wine bottle/ vase...granted I really do like the way it turned out as I love the Tropicana Collection from KasierCraft, but note....from across the room the color of twine I used is the exact color of the original wine bottle.  So if you didn't know it, it just looks like a wine bottle...duh.  I love the way the twine looks wrapped around the bottle but next time I think I'll use a very different color twine, LOL.