Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Faux Fabric Ruffles Tutorial

Today I have a quick little tutorial to share with you for making faux fabric ruffles.  

Step One: Cut card stock with a border die of your choice.  I used the Anastasia Border B136

Step Two: Spritz water on the front and back of your paper and let it soak in for a minute.

Step Three: Pinch and gather your paper along the top, letting the bottom ruffle out.  You could use tweezers or a piercer, but I find it’s just as easy with my fingers. 

Step Four: Slightly pull out to the desired look and let the paper dry completely.  If you want to speed up the drying time you can use a heat gun.  

Here is an example of the ruffle applied to a project.  Check back Friday for the finished project and to see how I used the faux fabric ribbon.  


Gina Brandstetter said...

Very cool! I will have to try this! TFS!