Sunday, August 12, 2012

Antique Faux Ceiling Tile Tutorial with Pink Persimmon

Hi Everyone, today I have a great tutorial I came up with for making what I think looks like antique faux ceiling tiles.  I hope you give it a let's jump right in. 

You'll need versa mark ink, embossing powder, sanding block, embossing folder, and solid core cardstock.  The solid core is very important for when you start to be sure you choose the right paper. 

Cover your entire colored cardstock with versa mark ink.  Be sure not to miss anywhere. 

Cover the entire piece with embossing powder and heat. 

Once you have heat embossed then your ready to run it through an embossing folder.  You can see where I have embossed half of the cardstock.  

Use your sanding block on the embossed areas.  You'll find as you sand you'll get three colors...the core cardstock, the embossed powdered color and the color inbetween.  It makes for a lot of interest. 

When you acheive the desired look then heat it once more with your heat gun to get the luster and shine back of the embossing powder.  

Here is my finished project using the tiles as a background.  The stamps are from Pink Persimmon...and they are beautiful.  


beadz said...

Absolutely stunning card, and great tutorial!

Mrs Frizz said...

very clever and very effective ... go you !!!