Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bye, bye Fan

This is a fan I decorated using the Rock Pool collection from Kasier and I love the way it turned out but here's the funny story behind it.  Cole my youngest loved the fan when I finished and asked if he could have it.  Of course I said yes but to let me just get some pictures of it for the blog.  Once I was done with the pictures I gave it to him.  Not even five minutes passed and I walked by Cole's room.   He was smiling and so proud, so I stopped and asked what he was up to.  He came running over and showed me how he had made my fan prettier with blue marker all over the seashells, seahorse and fan...Of course I had to grit my teeth and agree that he had made it 100% better.  So enjoy the pictures as the fan looks like this no more, LOL.


Adriana B said...

Hello Lori
Love your work, waving at you here from Aussie land :)
:) :)