Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fun With PaperClay

Have you played with Creative PaperClay yet?  If not, why?  Not sure what to do with it?  Well today I'm going to share a simple tutorial with you that will have you running to your nearest craft store to pick some up and start playing.

First let me tell you Paperclay is like clay but it's paper and dries light as a feather ready to use on your card, layouts or anything else you can think of.  Also with it being paper it so compatible with so many different products, dies, glues, inks, stains, mists, rubs...well you get the idea.  So onto our simple rose tutorial.

In the photo above I show you the first five steps. Create a small ball and flatten as thin as you can without tearing.  I use my fingers as I love the look of my fingerprints in the finished petals...makes it look like the veins on a real rose but paperclay works beautifully with any the choice is yours.  Then just roll your flattened petal into a center rose bud leaving the end a bit open. You've created your base for your rose flower.  Repeat step one and two and then apply to your base rose bud.  Continue to do this until you have the desired size for your flower.

Your next step is to let your rose air dry.  The petals are thin, so I only let mine dry overnight and then they were ready for the next step.  Remember I said how compatible PaperClay is, Glimmer Mist works great.  Spritz your flower with desired color and let dry.

For the final step for the roses I added some Viva Gold rub to the edges of the petals.  It just gave a really nice finishing touch.  I use a makeup sponge to apply, they're cheap so you don't mind tossing when it's time for a new one. 

So want to see what the roses look like in a project? 

This is an easel card that really became more of a sculpture once it was complete.  I wonder is it wrong to give yourself a card, LOL....I really can see this sitting on my office desk.  LOVE IT!!!

Finally a close up view of the rose cluster...Isn't your mind just going crazy thinking of all the things you could do with this product? 

and get even more inspiration from their Blog here

There are videos, tutorials and artwork ready to inspire you, so be sure to sneak a peek. 



Debbie said...

Love, love ... LOVE them, Lori! You should make and sell on Etsy :)

Olga said...

Amazing!!!!! I love it

Sheena said...

WOW! I never even heard of paperclay. Such a neat product. I might have to get some to try out. Your card is Beautiful..the roses texture makes them look like real rose petals. TFS

Terri Sproul said...

your roses are amazing.. thanks for your submission to be apart of the paperclay DT

Lyneen said...

Beautiful roses... I they look just like the ones I would make from frosting for cakes... good enough to eat. LOVE your tutorial!!!

Barbara said...

Great job Lori! I love your roses and your tutorial is super!

Hugs XX