Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's JUMP FOR JOY !!!!

As many of you know Fall is my favorite season so let's Jump into it....but get you some extra rewards in the process.  Now is the time to hold a live Close To My Heart or online catalog show...during the month of October every gathering that is held and reaches $450 in sales jumps to the next level.  That means $20 extra rewards money for select product and could mean even more half price's so easy to do so why not reward yourself?  Online idea book shows are so easy...just send me an email, I'll shoot you out an invitation you can forward to all your friends near or far to join in the fun. When they place their online order, you'll get credit towards your's easy, simple and fun and everything is shipped direct to each person you don't have to hassle with cleaning your house, get orders out to people or even getting dressed on your party night, LOL. 

It's the perfect season to hold a gathering as so many are starting to make projects for the holidays why not benefit from something you are already going to be purchasing.  I also have some wonderful online tools to help you spread the word , educate and get everyone excited about your show and Close To My Heart.  

Contact me today to set the date for your gathering as the calendar is starting to fill up.

Here is an outline of the Hostess Reward Program

When Gathering sales reach The Hostess Rewards jump to Hostess Rewards + Options jump to

$1,050 or more $220 or more** in free select product 4 items in the idea book 50% off

$950-$1,049 $200 in free select product 4 items in the idea book 50% off

$850-$949 $180 " " 4 items " "

$750-$849 $160 " " 4 items " "

$650-$749 $140 " " 3 items " "

$550- $649 $120 " " 3 items " "

$450- $549 $100 " " 2 items " "

** For each $100 in sales past $1050, add an additional $20 in free select product

* Additional tax and shipping/handling may apply on Hostess Rewards.