Friday, July 9, 2010

You're Suppose to Make Cards? What?

One week before convention I'm working my fanny off to get all my little gifts done and I get an email from my good friend Tina. She asks if I would like to come to her house to work on my cards for convention....long pause from me. " What cards?" I ask.... Tina replies " Well everyone makes cards to hand out at convention , much like a business card". So I proceeded to ask her how many do you make? and she lets me know she has made in years pass 200. Dear Lord, 200....I about passed out right there. You see I was so darn proud of myself for being ahead of schedule and having so much done on all my other projects. Then to find out I need to make 200 cards and quick. Granted I didn't have to do it, but heck I wanted to participate in every aspect of convention, so don't leave me out, I had at it With the pressure on ...I made 200 cards. I went with a little 3 x3 for several reasons but the main one being I didn't have time to order anything from corporate and have it in time to use before I left and I had a ton of Splendor paper from bulk packs. I realize these are not the most detailed cards I've ever made but honestly with all the faux stitching and the various was a ton of detail for 200. So if you ever plan on coming to Close To My Heart's convention...WORD TO THE WISE...make plenty of cards way in advance.


Sheena said...

Cute cards!..sorry you had to make so many an so fast. But they turned out great :) Have fun at the convention :)

Hugs, Sheena

Cindy said...

Great job, even in a pinch!

Melissa said...

super cute---i bet your hand is tired though with all of that faux stitching!!