Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Consultant Kits Available

Have you thought about becoming a member of Pinkcloudscrappers Team and Close To My Heart, but the kit just hasn't been the right one for you?

Timing wasn't just exactly right?

Weren't sure if it was for you?
The new Summer 2010 consultants kit is shipping and who can't help falling in love with it. The adorable Cherry-O collection is featured in the base kit ready to be shipped to your front door. The base consultants kit has over $300 in retail product and it can be yours for only $99 plus shipping and tax. Talk about a great deal. But you may be asking what does becoming a member of Pinkcloudscrappers mean?
*You'll be able share wonderful Close To My Heart products with your friends and family and actually earn income to either buy more goodies for yourself or of course put towards your family expenses.
*You'll have immediate access to the soon to be released STUDIO J program where you can create original scrapbook layouts in no time and have them printed and mailed directly to you. This program is really going to blow your minds...and as a consultant you'll be able to get a discount and start playing with it today.
*You'll have wonderful online classes in artwork, business and leadership at your finger tips ready to start learning, generally the same day you sign up.
*You'll get a discount on all your personal products
*You'll be joining a winning team where I can help you learn how to earn extra money, cruises, awards and become a successful business owner, where you are in control of your future. One on one training is always available.
*You'll have the chance to meet wonderful new friends that share common interest
*You'll also have the opportunity to get up to two more add on kits at a HUGE DISCOUNT. There is a card making kit and also a scrapbooking one. I'd load up if I were you as you can only get these special add ons during the sign up process.
You really have nothing to loose, only the world to gain. Plus be sure to contact me to find out about PINKCLOUDSCRAPPERS SPECIAL for signing up during the month of April.
The Idea Book is going to ROCK there is no doubt, so don't miss out on joining up now and get ready for MAY. CLICK HERE to sign up today. Still have questions or want more information, email me ( today and I'll be happy to chat with you and send you out a top ten questions info sheet.
It's easy, fun and really has so much to offer!