Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Have Your Really Considered The CTMH Possibilities?

This month is just such a wonderful opportunity to really change your life. Yes, I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I'm only telling you exactly what happened to me. Just over a year ago I signed up to be a consultant with CTMH and boy, my journey has really taken off. Close To My Heart has provided me extra income, which in this economy is always good. I've been able to go to Long Beach, California, Minneapolis, MN, will be going to Washington DC this summer and currently I'm on an all expense paid cruise to the Caribbean thanks to CTMH. I have the chance to participate every month in artwork contests, where I've won free product. I get wonderful discounts on my own personal crafting supplies and even get a good bit of free product from various goals I've reached and contests the company has done. I have a group of wonderful women who come to my house every month for workshops, which is such a welcome social activity for me being home with two little boys all day. Really Close To My Heart has helped round me out so much and make me have a better life and be a better person. I'm truly thankful to them for the chance I have been giving.

The wonderful part is, you have that chance to change your life also. It may not be that you want to have a business, that's OK. Close To My Heart can be a hobby for you, get a discount and meet some out of this world women...plus get a screaming good deal on your consultants kit. This month is really out of the world for the kit....during the month of March you get all four of the up and coming stamp of the months for free with your kit...so that is over $400 in product for only $99...HOW CAN YOU LOOSE? Here is a picture of what all you get in just the basic kit. WOW!
There really is so much I would love to share with you and my growing team gives you that chance to really soak up everything that is out there for you. Please CLICK HERE to go online now and sign up...or at least read the contract. Really you have nothing to loose...get a great deal on a kit and possibly change your life for the better.
I have more information I would love to share so please contact me and I'll be happy to send that out to you. lorileng@bellsouth.net .
Want to see what the additional free stamp set look like Click Here
Now go create and inspire your world.