Sunday, September 6, 2009

Experience The Land of Oz

Our family was really lucky to get to go spend a weekend at The Land of Oz in Blowing Rock, NC. This was an amusement park almost 30 years ago, but you can still go and stay in Dorothy's House and immerse yourself in the Land of Oz. The witches castle and some of the exhibits are still there waiting for a child's eye and imagination to bring them back to life, and my little Cole did just that. The upper portion of the Dorothy's house has been updated and is just like a normal country house...but travel down to the basement and you'll be transported through the tornado and into the other side of the house where the storm has hit and everything is a mess. It was really cool to explore all these little places with just my husband Greg and Cole. Cole did get scared at the witch they had laying on a couch in the tornado side of the house...they had her there for storage. Every year the park opens up for one weekend and everything is out on display for all those who continue to love The Wizard of Oz. Oh and you'll also get an extra treat with the wildlife...Cindy who is the caretaker of the park/house raises baby deer that have been abandoned by their mothers and Sally (the little deer) certainly wasn't bashful to my Cole. It was a real treat to pet and feed her. If you're looking for a different type of getaway that will compare with nothing you've ever done...give Cindy a call and book your stay


Lisa said...

Lori looks like you had a great time and your son enjoyed himself so much. Looks like a fun place. Glad you had a great time thanks for sharing the pics with me. Lisa Scrappingpinklady. :)