Saturday, June 20, 2009

To The Men I Adore......Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I can't think of two men I respect and love more than my husband and my father. Growing up my Daddy was a terrific example of what love is. He's the kind of man who does something for someone else, but never tells them. He's truly is an unsung hero from the shadows and if everything else in this world could be would never be his love. I was truly blessed by God to get such a wonderful Father. If one terrific example of a man in my life wasn't enough, I got blessed with another when I married my husband. When he starts to play with our boys I get confused who the children are and whose the adult. He knows how to have some fun and is such a loving father to our boys. But I truly respect that he understands and knows when to take up the fatherly role and get serious. I know our children will grow up never questioning their father's love and I think that will give them such a confidence to succeed. I admire both of these men so much! I made each of them a card for tomorrow, along with their gifts. My husband is a photographer and loves the beautiful mountains that we live in, so his included the mountains. My father is a long time fly fisherman but he never takes the time he should to go relax and do it more...needless to say his is the fishing card. I really liked the new technique I used on my father's card...... I stamped the image with versa mark ink and then embossed and heat gunned it....then I sponged color over the stamped imagine. I think it gave a beautiful negative of the stamp. I was pleased and I know they both will be. I hope my husband doesn't look at my blog tonight...never thought he did until he told me last week he did, but hopefully he'll be to busy tonight and it will still be a surprise tomorrow. I pray all the Father's out there have a blessed and loved Father's Day!


Lorrie said...

Wow... what a touching entry on your blog. I love your cards and I can tell you love your family. You are truly blessed.